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The secret of our success …
So simple … and no secret: Keep your word; do your work.


Guided by the spirit of community, WhizCom Marketing has succeeded over 34 years in Ventura County through our sworn mission of honestly, and with integrity, putting our clients’ needs above all else. Our mantra is clear: Those entrusting us with their business news must be wholly satisfied with our work – writing, editing, creating visuals and promoting them with excellence, dedication and equity – or we have not done our job. We stand behind this simple tenet to the exclusion of all others.

WhizCom Marketing Founders 2024


In 1990, Stan Whisenhunt left a successful journalism career and his job as managing editor of the Ventura Star-Free Press, to pursue his ultimate professional goal: to create a local communications company that could provide cost-conscious civic agencies, nonprofits and small businesses with affordable, highly professional public relations and marketing representation.

His business model was pretty simple: He hired only folks he knew and had worked with, mostly in journalism, who knew exactly what his prospective clients would need to get real results from local media. Also, they had to be willing and able to work from their homes.

Freed of overhead constraints, and armed with award-winning communications professionals, Whisenhunt soared quickly. In its first few years, the company contracted with many cities and school districts in Ventura County, as well as utilities, hospitals, nonprofits and small businesses.

For reasonable rates – and especially generous nonprofit rates – WC was able to help with all aspects of public relations and marketing, from press releases to print ads, from brochures to annual reports.

Over the years, WC evolved to include social media administration, video creation, website content management, blog posts, email blasts, SEO and reputation management in addition to its traditional duties.

In 2024, Stan Whisenhunt retired, leaving his company in the trusted hands of Cindy Daly, a graphic designer and WC associate for more than 25 years.

Along with her managing partners, Brendan Daly and Kyle Knapp, and her team of award-winning journalists, digital marketing pros and graphic designers, Daly rebranded the company, renaming it WhizCom Marketing and setting it on a new growth track.

Built on the same integrity that launched Whisenhunt Communications 34 years ago, WhizCom Marketing will expand its focus on digital marketing while continuing to offer the same heartfelt, professional, vital communication as always to local companies and organizations.

Stan Whisenhunt


We are a group of accomplished local journalists and other media professionals with a basic shared goal of serving our community through a personalized approach to public relations, marketing and advertising. For 34 years, our company has offered our clients this winning combination of our complex capabilities and simple sensibilities.