Traditional Marketing & Advertising

Marketing and advertising campaigns benefit from a hands-on, analog presence.

A hallmark of our company is the personal touch we put into our work and include in every assignment. We make it our business to know our clients, to understand their unique needs and expectations, and to go above and beyond our standard duty whenever possible. In addition to the standard online posts and e-blasts, SEO and AdWords, videography and drone work, we at WhizCom pride ourselves in good old-fashioned in-person, hard-copy marketing.

And it’s not just press releases, editorials, ads and newsletters. We regularly and gladly go above and beyond to satisfy our clients. Here are just a few examples:

Traditional Marketing and Advertising

• At a client-sponsored breakfast event, we produced and distributed not just flyers but prizes, personal favors and handcrafted centerpieces as well.

• Helping a client prepare for a government proposal, we created and assembled dozens of planning packets, including addressing and stuffing envelopes.

• We attended a client’s annual community film festival, staying to the end of the evening event to interview and photograph the winner, and produce a press release for distribution the following next morning.

• At a client’s public facility opening, our team was on hand for several hours to assist with tours, mingle with the crowd and answer questions on our client’s behalf.

• In service to a public agency client, we attended and reported on all its meetings, which often ran past midnight.

• Our team regularly attends fundraising dinner galas to help represent our clients when they are major event sponsors. (We gladly choose to support our clients in this way, and they’re way more fun than work.)

• At the WhizCom team’s annual Christmas party, we often invite our VIP clients for after-dinner drinks and entertainment, to thank them and to introduce them to one another.

As a community-based PR firm, we put extra value in going the extra mile for our clients, who are our neighbors and often our friends. As proud Ventura County residents, past and present, we take pleasure and pride in helping in special ways. It’s clearly one of the reasons we have endured for 30 years.

Here’s a partial general list of the traditional PR and marketing services we provide:

• Press release management

• Media follow-up

• Interview arrangement

• Article and ad placement

• Local event coordination

• Letters to or from officials

• Public representation

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