Photography, Videography
& Drone Artistry

With keen eyes and technical excellence, we capture special moments in any format.

An accomplished photographer/videographer and digital marketer, Brendan Daly provides all forms of visual content for Whisenhunt Communications and our clients. A Ventura native, Brendan is particularly adept at capturing the spirit of the local environment and its people. Here’s just some of what Brendan produces for us:

Ventura Pier

• Brand lifestyle photography

• Social media content

• Professional head shots

• Business team portraits

• Corporate event photography and videography

• Press photography and videography

• Commercial photography and videography

• Product photography

The son of Whisenhunt graphic artist Cindy Daly, Brendan has innate visual skills that provide our company with more than his considerable photography and videography expertise; his keen eye and marketing vision also help us to maintain a vital vision for our clients, making sure we are optimizing our digital presence every day and looking with clear eyes to the future.