Ojai Valley Community Hospital ROSA Total Knee Replacement System surgeons

OVCH is the only Tri-counties hospital to offer the new ROSA Total Knee Replacement System

Photo Caption: ROSA Total Knee Replacement System surgeons, from L-R: Dr. Petros K. Frousiakis, Dr. Stephan J. Sweet, Dr. Thomas F. Golden, Dr. John R. Burge and Dr. Casey W. Pyle.

(Ojai, California) Ojai Valley Community Hospital is pleased to share that doctors have performed the 50th knee replacement surgery at the Ojai hospital using the cutting-edge ROSA Total Knee Replacement System, a new robotically-assisted surgical system that enhances total knee replacement surgery.

“On behalf of the entire surgical team, we are excited to have completed our 50th Robotic Assisted Total Knee replacement at Ojai Valley Community Hospital using the ROSA Robot,” said Dr. Thomas Golden, ROSA-trained Orthopedic Surgeon at Ocean Orthopedic and a member of the CMHS Medical Staff who completed the 50th case on September 15. “The enhanced outcomes and decreased recovery times of this precise, personalized procedure have been very evident in our patients, and we look forward to continuing to offer ROSA to patients in our community.”

The ROSA Total Knee Replacement System brings the most advanced joint replacement technology to Ojai Valley Community Hospital, which is the only hospital in the Tri-counties offering this technology. Total joint replacement is among the most commonly performed elective surgeries in the United States today. Offering surgical services in the Ojai Valley allows patients to recover in a smaller and more intimate hospital in a beautiful community.     

“When we launched the ROSA Total Knee Replacement System at Ojai Valley Community Hospital in December 2019, our goal was to provide knee replacement patients with a superior surgical experience by bringing together expert surgeons and the latest technology in the region’s most tranquil surgical environment,” said Haady Lashkari, Chief Administrative Officer at OVCH. “The completion of our 50th ROSA Total Knee procedure demonstrates a successful partnership with our surgeons to deliver a high level of patient satisfaction with the knee replacement results and the entire surgical experience at OVCH.”

Knee replacement surgeries with the ROSA system are available at the Ojai hospital from surgeons Petros K. Frousiakis, Thomas F. Golden, Stephan J. Sweet, John R. Burge and Casey W. Pyle.

The ROSAsystem combines robotic technology with industry-leading knee implants to help surgeons personalize knee replacement surgery for patients. ROSA knee is a robotically-assisted surgical system that includes features to assist with bone resections and assessing the state of soft tissues to facilitate implant positioning intraoperatively. Data provided by ROSA knee enables surgeons to use computer and software technology to control and move surgical instruments, allowing for greater precision and flexibility during procedures. 

OVCH is a 25-bed acute care hospital with an emergency room, four beds for Intensive Care patients and 21 medical/surgical beds that also can serve patients needing skilled nursing care. The hospital recently opened a new, modern Continuing Care Center (skilled nursing facility) with 75 beds. Visit cmhshealth.org/rosa to learn more about the procedure.


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